Video Parenting Tips: ACTIVITY (the First Trait of the CoreSelf)

Hi, everybody,

Nancy Rose here, author of Raise the Child You’ve Got—Not the One You Want.

We’re going to be going over each of the Nine Traits of the CoreSelf. Now, if you’re not familiar with the concept of the traits of the CoreSelf, or of the CoreSelf, I encourage you to go back and look at Episode #3, which talks about what these Nine Traits represent. But in a nutshell, they represent the parts of a child that are inborn—the inborn temperament traits, that you as a parent cannot change…but you can influence.

Today, we’re looking at the first of the Nine Traits of the CoreSelf, and that is ACTIVITY. Now, Activity is pretty easy to understand…it’s the amount of movement your child engages in, over time…not on a particular afternoon, but over time.

I want to point out the power of the language that we use to describe our children.
In this ACTIVITY level area, do you describe your high activity child as hyper…wild…or restless? Or is your high activity child dynamic…vigorous…energetic? You see the difference in the two?

What about a low activity child? Is he reserved…self-contained…or content? Or is he pokey…lazy…or lethargic?

Words have tremendous power, so pay attention to the words you use to describe your child’s ACTIVITY level.

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What words do you use and will you pause next time?

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