Why We Share Our Stories

Fifteen minutes ago, while I was ruminating about the upcoming release of my book, I got slammed by my first experience of “writer’s remorse.” Raise the Child You’ve Got—Not the One You Want is my first book, so I felt blindsided by the realization that I had put all (well, not all) my dirty laundry out there IN WRITING for posterity.

The voices in my head were insistent. “Aargh! What have I done? Aargh! Why did I share such personal details of my life? Aargh! What was I thinking?” and finally,  “How can I get out of publishing this book? Aargh!” (The voices in my head like to say “Aargh!”)

So I took a Facebook break, and that’s when I came across Antoinette Tuff. This remarkable lady PREVENTED A MASSACRE at an Atlanta-area elementary school. She did so by connecting with a troubled young man with an an AK-47 and 500 rounds of ammunition, who was convinced that he was going to die and no one cared.

Antoinette Huff cared. She connected with him by sharing her story. She shared her struggles and she told him she cared. And he laid down his arsenal and said he was sorry.

This is why I included my struggles in my book. So that others can say, “I’m kind of like her, and she found a way. Maybe there is hope.”

When we reveal ourselves, we forge a real connection with those who are watching, listening or reading. Feeling that connection, we know we’re not alone. We understand each other’s experience, misery, and desperation.

This is why I have made myself vulnerable. Thank you for reminding me, Antoinette Tuff.

Here’s a wonderful interview with this inspiring human being.





  • Terri Moss says:

    Hi Nancy, I empathize completely with your “post-publishing Argghhhs”! It is scary to reveal oneself without being able to read someone’s face or hear their immediate reactions. When I’ve felt that way, I put those worries in my Glinda the Good bubble (Wizard of Oz), and become the munchkin waiving to my worries and concerns as they float away into the sky. (OK, so now it’s my turn for the “Argghhhs!” to take over!). Just a little story of my own of how I let go…. Keep your eye on the prize and stay connected to your passion. Those are two other techniques I use. Wishing you all the best of success on your book and speaking/workshops. Terri

    • Nancy Rose says:

      I love it, Terri! “Glinda the Good Witch bubble”! Great advice to wave our worries away as they float away into the sky. Thanks for your support.

  • So true. Can’t hug people if walls are up! I struggle with sharing too much at times so I’m guessing there’s a balance. It is scary to feel vulnerable. But then it never fails to amaze me how supportive and loving people are when a person opens up and exposes personal truths/feelings. I’m so excited for you excited to read the book!

    • Nancy Rose says:

      It really is all about balance. Your willingness to put yourself out there has also helped so many, especially through http://anthonygeeproject.org/. Anthony was someone who naturally connected with those who most needed love. Thinking of him replenishes my supply of courage.

  • Maria Hudak says:


    I admire your courage. Thank you for being willing to share your story. I am certain it will help many. I ordered your book and can’t wait to read it.


  • Linnea says:

    Nancy, I agree 100%. In the past year, I have decided that to me, the reason for our being here on this earth is simply to connect with each other. It is the connections we make that make a difference in our daily ins and outs and ups and downs. It is in making ourselves vulnerable that we connect with others and from that we learn and grow. What bnetter example than Ms. Tuff, who made herself vulnerable at a time when her life and many others’ lives were in danger. And it made all the difference.

    • Nancy Rose says:

      Beautiful, Linnea. I love hearing this. And it’s not just Antoinette Tuff who makes a difference. Each of us does, in every authentic connection. xoxo

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