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Teaching parents to Lead with Acceptance so EVERYONE thrives


Nancy Rose is dedicated to helping parents Lead with Acceptance to create thriving families. The author of the award-winning book, Raise the Child You’ve Got—Not the One You Want, when she delivers her message live, audiences are moved, empowered, and inspired as she shines her light on what needs to be seen within families. Her innovative thinking brings families together and she shares her inspiration and how-to’s in several dynamic presentations.

Nancy offers presentations for parents, educators, children and businesses, in 50-90 minute formats, as well as half and full day workshops.

Nancy’s Signature Presentations


Everyone Thrives When Parents Lead with Acceptance


Children have a fundamental need to be seen and accepted for who they are…and they thrive when they are! But we live in a competitive and uncertain world where parents understandably strive for the success of their children, and we sometimes put undue pressure and expectations on them. Too often, our efforts to support our children can be misguided. We push them to achieve in as many areas as possible and demonstrate excellence across the board, in order to get into the best schools and obtain the resultant advantages. The great irony is that in an attempt to ensure success, parents can ignore the one thing that will practically guarantee children’s lifelong well-being: acceptance of who they are at their core.

This inspiring and practical presentation reveals the new model of parenting called Leading with Acceptance, which gives parents the tools they need to understand and accept who their child is, or CoreSelf. Once parents see and accept the CoreSelf, they are more effectively able to guide their behavior. In this way, parents help their children become the best version of who they are. This is the ultimate success.

Participants will discover:

  • Why focusing on compliance sabotages your connection with your child
  • How accepting your child’s CoreSelf can put a stop to your battles and lead to a child who naturally wants to please you
  • A step-by-step roadmap to understanding your child’s CoreSelf
  • The 4 simple leadership strategies you should use to help your child become the best version of who they are
  • How leading with acceptance helps parents and siblings thrive, too!

This presentation can be tailored for parents, educators, or any adult groups.

The Secret Sauce for Raising Your Intense Child


Intense children feel their feelings strongly, whether positive or negative. Sometimes labeled as difficult, hard-to-raise, or strong-willed, they are prone to melt-downs and intense anger. For this reason, and because parents are often afraid of their anger, intense kids become easily disconnected from their families and do not learn to self-regulate.

In this talk, Nancy Rose first shares the “basic recipe” for raising all children: leading with acceptance. She then reveals the ingredients in the “Secret Sauce” for raising intense children.

Participants will discover:

  • The 3 things you should never say to your intense child.
  • How to teach your intense child how to manage their emotions.
  • How to become comfortable with your child’s expressions of anger.
  • Creative strategies for taking care of yourself while raising an intense child.

This presentation can be tailored for parents, educators, or any adult groups.

Powerhouse at the Office…But Powerless at Home?


One of the most common complaints parents have is that their children just don’t listen to them. Do you have a difficult time managing your family? Are you frustrated by the constant nagging required to get your kids to cooperate? Interestingly, some of the best managers in the business world find themselves in this predicament at home. From the dawdling third grader who makes you late for work every day, to the middle schooler who refuses to do his chores, parents and kids get swept up into painful, ongoing control struggles.

In this eye-opening, interactive and funny presentation, Nancy Rose draws on her training as an attorney and CPA as she helps successful businesspeople translate their workplace success to dealing with their children. Her new model of parenting, Leading with Acceptance, gives parents the understanding and practical strategies necessary to be respected and effective leaders within their families. Combined with acceptance, this powerful leadership paves the way for thriving families and parental peace of mind.

Participants will discover:

  • How Leading with Acceptance creates true influence with your children rather than blind compliance
  • The key to creating the connection with your children that builds mutual respect
  • The four strategies in the Leadership Toolbox for Parents (which you already use at work!)

This presentation is tailored for business and professional people.

Giving Ourselves License to Shine


When do we shine? When we are most authentic…when we are being who we are, not who we think we should be. But as adults, how can we even know who we are, and be authentic, when so many of us have grown up without feeling accepted? The sad truth is that when we spend our lives trying to hide pieces of ourselves from the world, we end up hiding them from ourselves as well.

In this inspirational and powerful presentation, Nancy helps participants reconnect with the light within themselves As long as we are alive, this light flickers, dimly for some, but it’s there. Nancy inspires participants to rekindle that light and give themselves License to Shine.

Participants will discover:

  • How to uncover clues to your authentic self, and become comfortable in your own skin
  • Why your unique light is needed in this world, and the unstoppable energy it will generate
  • Simple strategies to gradually become more and more who you are without jeopardizing existing relationships

This presentation can be tailored for adults or children ages 6 and up.


Nancy is available for keynote presentations, group trainings, workshops, media interviews, and book signings. To schedule Nancy call 707-266-6178.


Speaking Testimonials


I recommend Nancy Rose as a speaker who will inspire parents to embrace and guide their children based on the child’s nature. She is an engaging speaker who delivers a message that many of today’s parents need to hear.”
— Janice Tres, Co-Director, Sunrise Montessori of Napa Valley

We were all emotionally riveted by your story. You are nurturing your passion and WOW! How wonderful we all get to enjoy it!”
— J. Valassopoulous, Napa, CA

The Acceptance Advocate is a perfect title! Thank you for clarifying that we accept the inborn traits/temperament, but can guide the child to change his/her behavior.”
— Dr. Kristina Seher, Head of School, The Principled Academy

I liked that I was able to distinguish the difference between acceptance of my children’s character and my own view about how I want them to be.”
— Edna Minakort

It made me realize I need to accept my children for who they are earlier rather than later. I can apply this on a daily basis and move forward and commit less mistakes. Spread the word!”
— Judy Montes

You are a forthright, great speaker. Why didn’t I think of this?”

— Dan L.

Not only did I learn about parenting my child, I had a sudden insight into my own parents, and how some of their actions have had a long-lingering effect on me. Very helpful.”
— Celia M.

Practical, needed, empowering.”

— Alain LeRoy

The core of the method/book was expressed succinctly and with meaningful examples. I would have loved to have a longer presentation.”
— Christy Bradshaw

Your warm tone, even/calming pace, and great eye contact built trust, openness and receptiveness from the audience.”
— Montessori parent

I appreciated the sharing of your personal experience, and would have enjoyed a longer presentation. Thank you.”
— Paula Teixeira

I really liked the personal stories you shared and I’m looking forward to reading your book.”
— Montessori parent

I particularly liked your ability to open up about your life.”

— Montessori parent

The nine inborn traits of the CoreSelf was quite a revelation and I like the point on leadership skills. Great insights on parenting.”
— San Leandro, CA parent