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Parenting, Walking Through Fire, and Fire Walking

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Parenting sometimes feels like walking through fire, doesn’t it? We do it because we love our children, but the relentlessness and the need to call up our best selves under adverse circumstances can be daunting.

Several times in my life, I’ve “walked through fire.”

There have been periods of darkness and devastation that felt as destructive and dangerous as a fire. Some were related to parenthood and some were not. But like the fresh, green new growth that needs the intense heat of the fire to sprout through the charred forest floor, when I came out the other side, I, too, was transformed by the experience.

Yes, I’ve metaphorically walked through fire several times, but last Thursday, I literally walked on fire, along with 5600 other people attending Unleash the Power Within (UPW), a Tony Robbins live event that teaches participants that all you need is within you now. Read More

Three Blind Men and the Child You’ve Got

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Sorry, I couldn’t find a good image for three blind men, so three blind mice are standing in for them! There’s a fable about the three blind men that I’ve included in Raise the Child You’ve Got—Not the One You Want. It involves villagers, blind men, and an elephant…pretty dang compelling, right?

I use the fable to point out that we don’t always have as full a picture of our children as we think we do. To lead with acceptance, we start with the Child We’ve Got, and then widen our perspective to understand “the rest of the story.” From the book: Read More

Discovering Who We Are

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Nancy at 5

Nancy at 5

I was back in my hometown of Highland Park, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) last week. It was my 40th high school reunion, and as I laughed and reminisced with my grade school buddies, I thought about how, in my forties, I “discovered” the sheer joy of being onstage performing. Whether it was by speaking, singing, or dancing, I came alive! I was mystified at why it had taken me so many years to connect with this vibrant, open part of myself. As I pondered the question, a memory surfaced from first grade. Read More

Raising a Child Who Is a Success…Part Two

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We all want to raise successful children. In my last post, I described the problems that can occur when parents are the ones who define success.  They then try to mold, shape, push and cajole their children to satisfy this expectation. It doesn’t work!

Leading with acceptance is a better way. You want to raise successful children, but you recognize that the definition of “success” must incorporate each individual child’s nature.

Read More

When You’re 15 and Not Good Enough

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My PASSION is teaching parents to accept their children for who they are–it is my life’s work!   But my unbridled JOY comes from being with kids.  Hanging out. All ages, all stages, doesn’t matter.  Kids are just so fascinating.

So, naturally, I was thrilled when my friend Jenny invited me to speak to three classes of “at-risk” ninth graders at Napa High, where she teaches English (and is affectionately known as “Ms. V”).  I accepted before she even had a chance to explain what I’d be speaking about.  It didn’t matter. Read More

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