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How to manage your child’s meltdown

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One question that parents of intense kids ask me all the time is how to manage meltdowns. It seems like we should be able to prevent them from happening, right? I mean, a lot of people spend big bucks on therapy, and medication, and books trying to figure something out…with very little bang for those bucks. Two of my current coaching clients are focusing on helping their daughter once the meltdown starts. After all, if we can’t prevent them from happening, we can at least learn to not make them worse. Or, can we? Read More

Review of When Your Kids Push Your Buttons, by Bonnie Harris

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Although acceptance is a fundamental human need, many parents struggle to accept their children as they are. In Raise the Child You’ve Got—Not the One You Want, I offer the parents’ path to acceptance:

  1. Start with the child you’ve got.
  2. Accept who your child is.
  3. Separate who your child is from what your child does, and
  4. Understand your CoreSelf and your behavior.

Read More

Nuggets of Parenting Wisdom

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Today I want to share three nuggets of parenting wisdom from the blogoshpere. Why reinvent the wheel? Sometimes you’ve just got to pass along the wisdom…


First up is the latest on the Challenge Success Blog. Check out “We’re” Not Going to College…written by Julie Lythcott-Haims, who was Stanford’s freshman dean for ten years. She has a forthcoming book about “helicopter parenting,” and she writes in the blog:

We seem so afraid on our kids’ behalf – of strangers, of missed opportunities, of failing to keep up with the Joneses – and our fears impel us to always be there, present, hovering, poised to prevent, protect, intervene, advocate, and defend. Read More

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