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3 Helpful Things to Say to Your Intense Child

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In a previous post, I wrote about intense kids and the importance of understanding that intensity is part of a child’s CoreSelf, an inborn temperament trait. Intense children are high-maintenance children. They feel their feelings strongly, whether it’s happiness and joy or anger and disappointment. As an intense person myself, I can tell you that one never, ever has to wonder what we are feeling. Our default mode is to wear our feelings on our sleeve. Can you relate?

It’s easy to get frustrated with intense kids. If you are low intensity, and just let things roll off your back, and your child takes everything to heart, it’s super easy to accuse them of “making a big deal about everything,” which does nothing to help your child manage his intensity. And it’s your job to help your child manage their inborn temperament traits so they can be effective in the world. Read More

Don’t Get Disconnected from Your Intense Child

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Intense children are hard to raise. Everything’s a big deal with intense kids…the good stuff, like happiness and laughter and excitement (they feel everything so strongly!), and the not-so-good stuff, like the frustration, the anger, the screaming when hurt. You always know how intense kids feel about what’s going on.  Read More

How to manage your child’s meltdown

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One question that parents of intense kids ask me all the time is how to manage meltdowns. It seems like we should be able to prevent them from happening, right? I mean, a lot of people spend big bucks on therapy, and medication, and books trying to figure something out…with very little bang for those bucks. Two of my current coaching clients are focusing on helping their daughter once the meltdown starts. After all, if we can’t prevent them from happening, we can at least learn to not make them worse. Or, can we? Read More

Feeling Powerless as the Parent of an Intense Child (or presenting a webinar)

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Two weeks ago, I presented a webinar for my peeps: parents of intense kids. I know what it’s like to be caught up in the throes of everyday life while raising a child who is strong-willed, difficult-to-raise, defiant, negative, and/or call-it-whatever-you-want. You guys need help. My goal was to help you ease the confusion, exhaustion, and feeling of powerlessness that you feel every single day. Every. Single. Day.  Read More

Intense, angry boy

3 Things to Never Say Again to Your Intense Child

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Parenting an intense child can be frustrating and will test us as parents on a daily basis. High intensity kids feel everything deeply: the positive emotions (happiness, joy, delight) AND the difficult emotions (anger, sadness, hurt). You never have to wonder how a high intensity child feels about something because they show you by whooping, wailing, or raging! Did you know that a person’s intensity level is an inborn trait? Your child can’t change their intensity level. But you can (and must) help them manage their intensity so they grow up well-adjusted! Read More

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