Meet Nancy

Parenting Speaker. ŸAuthor. ŸInnovator. ŸCoach. Mother. Daughter.Ÿ

Nancy Rose has quickly established herself as a fresh voice and original thinker in the parenting field. Her mission is to make sure children receive the acceptance and guidance they need in order to become the best version of themselves, not who they think they should be to please their parents.

Nancy knows the pain of not being accepted, having grown up feeling unseen and misunderstood. Yet she feels blessed to have forged a healing path that she now shares as her life’s work. She has spent more than 25 years studying the power of acceptance in parent-child relationships, while at home raising her two sons, in the healing process with her own mother, and professionally, as a speaker, author and parent coach.

Until her twenties, Nancy based her self-worth on being an academic super-achiever, something that came easily for her. She awakened from what she calls the “trance of accomplishment” when she realized that she had become a tax attorney and CPA hoping to impress her mother. With a law degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and a degree in finance from the University of Illinois, she now puts her solid credentials to good use in service to her passion–making sure every child is given license to shine.

Calling herself The Acceptance Advocate, Nancy combines her quick mind with her healer’s heart as she speaks out about the fundamental need of children to be accepted as they are. She is the author of the thought-provoking book Raise the Child You’ve Got–Not the One You Want, and as the title indicates, Nancy tells it like it is. She won’t sugarcoat the pain that parents can inflict. Yet, her willingness to lay bare her own vulnerability offers a personal and compassionate message: leading with acceptance is the practical, meaningful solution.

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