July 2014 - Nancy Rose

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3 Things to Never Say Again to Your Intense Child

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Parenting an intense child can be frustrating and will test us as parents on a daily basis. High intensity kids feel everything deeply: the positive emotions (happiness, joy, delight) AND the difficult emotions (anger, sadness, hurt). You never have to wonder how a high intensity child feels about something because they show you by whooping, wailing, or raging! Did you know that a person’s intensity level is an inborn trait? Your child can’t change their intensity level. But you can (and must) help them manage their intensity so they grow up well-adjusted! Read More

The One Surefire Way to Get Your Kids to Cooperate (HINT: it’s Not a Chart)

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The one surefire way to get your kids to cooperate is to lead with acceptance.

Make acceptance of who your children are the STARTING point in your parenting, not something you give conditionally when they meet your expectations. Why is this so important? Because each of us has a fundamental need to be understood and accepted exactly as we are. It’s a basic human need, and a very powerful one. If our parents don’t fill this need, we will seek approval and acceptance wherever we can find it. Gangs, predators, fringe elements. We all need to feel that we belong! Read More

Parenting, Walking Through Fire, and Fire Walking

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Parenting sometimes feels like walking through fire, doesn’t it? We do it because we love our children, but the relentlessness and the need to call up our best selves under adverse circumstances can be daunting.

Several times in my life, I’ve “walked through fire.”

There have been periods of darkness and devastation that felt as destructive and dangerous as a fire. Some were related to parenthood and some were not. But like the fresh, green new growth that needs the intense heat of the fire to sprout through the charred forest floor, when I came out the other side, I, too, was transformed by the experience.

Yes, I’ve metaphorically walked through fire several times, but last Thursday, I literally walked on fire, along with 5600 other people attending Unleash the Power Within (UPW), a Tony Robbins live event that teaches participants that all you need is within you now. Read More

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