October 2013 - Nancy Rose

Honored to Co-Author Book with Joel Comm

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So, What Do You Do? is New York Times bestselling author Joel Comm‘s latest book, and I am honored to have collaborated with Joel in his fascinating study of uncovering the genius next door “with one simple question: “So what do you do?” It’s often the first thing we ask someone when we meet them, and Joel believes that if we really pay attention to the answer, it’s a rich tapestry of diversity and  brilliance in unexpected places. Read More

Nuggets of Parenting Wisdom

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Today I want to share three nuggets of parenting wisdom from the blogoshpere. Why reinvent the wheel? Sometimes you’ve just got to pass along the wisdom…


First up is the latest on the Challenge Success Blog. Check out “We’re” Not Going to College…written by Julie Lythcott-Haims, who was Stanford’s freshman dean for ten years. She has a forthcoming book about “helicopter parenting,” and she writes in the blog:

We seem so afraid on our kids’ behalf – of strangers, of missed opportunities, of failing to keep up with the Joneses – and our fears impel us to always be there, present, hovering, poised to prevent, protect, intervene, advocate, and defend. Read More

Grandparents and acceptance

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This week I received an email from a grandma (I’ll call her Elaine) who read about Raise the Child You’ve Got—Not the One You Want and reached out for help. She is upset by the way her daughter picks on her grandson, and it’s getting worse and worse. She wrote, “I see the frustration and anger in him. He tells me he hates her, and feels like he can never do anything right. He’s a good kid, an honor student and fun, interesting little boy who seems worn out from the belittling” Read More

Book Launch Party for Raise the Child You’ve Got

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Raise the Child You’ve Got—Not the One You Want got its official launch on Friday, October 4 at a food, fun and fizzy wine-filled celebration at The Mustard Seed Clothing Company in Napa. The party was a benefit for Napa Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (Napa CASA), a nonprofit that does remarkable work on behalf of abused children, and supporters turned out in force to cheer us on! Read More

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