July 2013 - Nancy Rose

Discovering Who We Are

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Nancy at 5

Nancy at 5

I was back in my hometown of Highland Park, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago) last week. It was my 40th high school reunion, and as I laughed and reminisced with my grade school buddies, I thought about how, in my forties, I “discovered” the sheer joy of being onstage performing. Whether it was by speaking, singing, or dancing, I came alive! I was mystified at why it had taken me so many years to connect with this vibrant, open part of myself. As I pondered the question, a memory surfaced from first grade. Read More

Raising a Child Who Is a Success…Part Two

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We all want to raise successful children. In my last post, I described the problems that can occur when parents are the ones who define success.  They then try to mold, shape, push and cajole their children to satisfy this expectation. It doesn’t work!

Leading with acceptance is a better way. You want to raise successful children, but you recognize that the definition of “success” must incorporate each individual child’s nature.

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